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Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript (98-382)

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20 Minutes
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Microsoft 98-382: Introduction to Programming in JavaScript FREE Practice Tests

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Overview: Microsoft 98-382

The Microsoft JavaScript Certification Exam 98-382 expects candidates to be able to recognize and produce syntactically correct JavaScript codes.

Candidates should be familiar with JavaScript functionalities and capabilities, know how to use data types as supported by JavaScriptand, and understand how to write, debug and maintain a documented JavaScript code that solves real-world problems.

Exam MS 98-382 will help candidates to earn Microsoft’s MTA certification. MTA (Microsoft Technical Associate) certifications are good for candidates with a technical background. The MTA certification verifies a candidate’s depth of technical knowledge and enhances technical credibility in the industry.

CertoMeter’s Microsoft Javascript practice test bundle with exam simulations consists of high-quality questions of real exam standards which will help candidates clear for the 98-382 exam on the first attempt. Candidates will also have access to real-time performance analysis reports across the globe which will help to improve their preparation journey.

Microsoft 98-381 Exam Details

Exam Name Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript
Exam Code 98-382
Exam Duration 45 mins
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type JavaScript (ECMAScript v5)
Number of Questions 40-60 Questions
Credit Towards MTA
Exam Fee $127 USD + applicable taxes
Exam Language English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, French
Passing Score 700 (on a scale of 100-1000)

Skills Covered

The CertoMeter’s 98-382 certification exam preparation package will help you develop the following skills-

  • Complete or debug code that uses assignment and arithmetic operators - Assignment; increment; decrement; addition; subtraction; division; multiplication; modulus; compound assignment operators
  • Apply JavaScript best practices - Comments; indentations; naming conventions; NoScript; constants; reserved keywords; debugger keyword; setting breakpoints; console.log
  • Evaluate the use of inline and external scripts - When to use, how to use, and what happens when both are used
  • Implement exception handling - try; catch; finally
  • Complete and debug code that interacts with the Browser Object Model (BOM) - Manage state; display dialogues; determine screen size


Programmers and developers who want to grow their careers in the technology industry.


There is no pre-requisite to take up the Microsoft Javascript Certification (MS 98-382) exam.

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