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Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500)

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Microsoft AZ-500 Practice Test 01

50 Questions
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Microsoft AZ-500 Practice Test 02

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Microsoft AZ-500 Practice Test 03

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Microsoft AZ-500 Practice Test 04

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Microsoft AZ-500 Simulation 01

75 Questions
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150 Minutes
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Microsoft AZ-500 Simulation 02

75 Questions
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150 Minutes
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Microsoft AZ-500 Simulation 03

75 Questions
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AZ-500 Lab Simulations

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AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

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Overview: AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies

AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam verifies an individual's knowledge and skills in implementing security controls and threat protection, identity and access management, data protection, applications and networks.

An Azure Security Engineer often serves as a part of the team responsible for cloud-based management and security as part of end-to-end cloud infrastructure for the organization. 

Responsibilities of Azure Security Engineer include maintaining the security controls, identifying vulnerabilities using security tools, implementing threat protection, and know how to respond, to security incident escalations. 

The candidates aspiring for the Azure 500 certification exam should be familiar with Azure cloud infrastructure, products, and services. They should have a deep understanding of networking and virtualization and should know scripting and automation. 

The AZ-500 exam will help the candidates to earn Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate. 

CertoMeter’s AZ-500 certification exam simulations & practice tests with high-quality questions of real exam standards will help candidates clear for the AZ-500 certification exam on the first attempt. Candidates will also have access to real-time performance analysis reports across the globe which will help to improve their preparation journey.

Skills Covered

The CertoMeter’s AZ-500 exam preparation package will help to prepare for the following skills-

You can check the detailed AZ-500 exam structure here.

Exam Information

Exam Name Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
Exam Code AZ-500
Exam Duration 150 mins
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions
Exam Type Cloud Computing
Number of Questions 40-60 Questions
Eligibility/Pre-Requisite NIL
Exam Fee $165 USD + applicable taxes
Exam Language English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Pass Score 700 (on a scale of 1-1000)


There is no prerequisite for AZ-500 although it is recommended to have basic knowledge about security principles.




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CertoMeter is a platform dedicated towards becoming the best centralized platform for students and professionals in IT industry who are looking to get knowledge and certified for their future excellences. We have created the exact simulations and practice questions in the form of mock test that give robust solutions to help our users gain confidence, and excel in their IT certification exams with a single attempt. It helps you to practice the accurate number of questions in a short period of time and gives a scenario of the real exam while practicing which will help you in clearing the exam.

Does Certometer provide a preparation Report?

Yes, it provides a Score Report on the preparation done where you can analyze your performance.

Are the questions in the practice tests and simulations updated?

Since we believe in providing a quality product, our backend team makes sure to update every product so that you can get the recently included syllabus questions and this will be a great benefit.

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Around 70-90% of questions are expected to come out of this and 100% clearance assured.

How long can I access my package at CertoMeter?

The package access is given for 90 days of time, in case you do not complete your preparation and exam by this time period we will extend it for as long as you want. 

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You are given 7 attempts to practice all the questions.

What is the format of the questions in practice tests and simulations?

The CertoMeter test questions are in MCQ format.

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Yes, we can help you in creating an account and also in scheduling the exam.

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What is AZ-500 certification?

The Azure 500 is Microsft’s new role-based certification exam which verifies one’s capabilities in implementing security protocols and threat protection in an Azure cloud-based environment.

Who is AZ-500 for?

The AZ-500 exam is for candidates aspiring to become Azure Security Engineers and those who want to pursue their careers as security professionals in the cloud-based environment. 

How long does it take to study for the AZ-500 exam?

The AZ-500 exam is so easy and most professionals consider a preparation plan of at least 1 month with 3 hours of daily self-study and solving practice tests. In the end, it depends on the individual how good he/she stand with the understanding of the skills required.

How difficult is AZ-500?

The Azure security certification AZ-500 exam is certainly tough since it covers a wide range of skills from security and networking to access management. Despite all these skills it also demands a deep understanding of Azure products and services. One can prepare through a series of practice tests and simulations to increase the chances of clearing the exam with the help of a good AZ-500 exam preparation course.

Does AZ-500 certification expire?

All Microsoft’s role-based certifications have the validity of 2 years. 

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