Is MTA Certification Worth It?

With technology evolving every day, aspirants willing to take their place in this ever-growing field need to submit a legit certificate to become an inevitable choice for organizations.

MTA certification is probably one such certificate that represents the eligibility of students. However, since the students are mostly confused about whether it is a worthy choice for them, let us move ahead to learning the details.

What is MTA Certification?

Including the MTA or the Microsoft Technology Associate certification in your resume can act as a valuable asset. The candidates holding these certificates instantly outshine others because of the value it holds.

Especially if you are just starting your career, having the certification ensures your capability to work with the products of Microsoft.

The MTA course has been professionally designed to offer fundamental knowledge to the candidates in their chosen areas. But, just as the famous saying goes, a house can take the tremors only when it has a robust foundation. Similarly, MTA is something that creates an unbreakable foundation.

Concepts and learning included in these courses are the building blocks for the career, especially when you are more intrigued by the IT career path.

Even if you ask your close acquaintances who enjoy a fantastic career as a software developer, security analyst, web design, or network administrator, they will recommend you choose the MTA certification program. To become a successful IT person in the gigantic IT world, there is no shortcut that you can choose.

Even some of the most successful tech giants have mentioned that MTA certification can be valuable for anyone who is willing to start in the IT sector. Besides, if you are thinking about changing your career, choosing MTA certification for a fresh start can become an invaluable option.

The entire course is prepared by bearing in mind the students, beginners, and generalists of IT who do not have the technical experience or specialization.

Therefore, even if you seek a great career in server infrastructure or desktop or cloud computing, starting with MTA certification courses enables candidates to follow the right path.

Candidates are able to highlight their skills upon taking the certification program by investing their effort and time. To kick start your career, the MTA certification program can offer you the right direction.

Is MTA Certification Worth It?

The exams and certification provided to the MTA are a part of MCP or the Microsoft Certified Professional program. Upon successfully passing the exams, the candidates are eligible to go for the advanced certification.

Being an excellent choice for any sector, starting your career with the MTA certificate will enable you to move higher up the ladder. Getting the MTA certification showcases that you have fulfilled the minimum requirements with the knowledge of fundamental concepts of IT.

Presenting a solid resume backed with years of knowledge and understanding on the subject is not enough in today’s world. Since employers’ biggest nightmare is to find incapable onboard members, getting the certification can make you rise over others.

Not only it means you are capable of working with Microsoft products, but you have the knowledge of fundamentals.

Whilst MTA certification is a great option for starting your career, experienced professionals can also find it beneficial when they wish to change their careers. Besides, a beginner who has just landed in the IT world requires showing their ability to their potential employers.

What can be a better demonstration than producing the MTA certificate? Even in the crowd with experienced candidates, MTA certified professionals will rise over the competition with their in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals.

Who Can Consider MTA Courses?

Anyone who is willing to learn the fundamentals of IT can avail of the courses and certification program. It is said that MTA certification programs are said to have a great impact on the fresher’s profile.

However, if someone is willing to improve their designation and move to the IT field from their current position, they can take the MTA courses. Adding this to your resume tends to offer the extra shine and make you a valuable choice for organizations.

What Are The Scopes For MTA Certified Professionals?

In a survey done on the employers on the evaluation perceptions of IT certification and training, it was found that 86% of recruiters say that IT certification has a medium to huge priority. In addition, 91% of them have directly mentioned the need for certification.

Without a proper certification included in the resume, the candidate might not even participate in the hiring procedure.

Producing the MTA certificate is a measure of an individual’s fundamental knowledge of database design, software development, and operating system.

It can also boost the confidence level among the individual. Witnessing the current job market and its unmatched competition, candidates who hold an MTA certification have a higher potential to grab the position.

The program enhances productivity, competence and is also credible to work with clients and colleagues.

Furthermore, with the assurance instantly provided with MTA certification, employers are able to feel reliable to assign projects depending on the capabilities and level instantly.

Here are some of the other benefits of getting the MTA certificate:

  • Representation and validation of skills
  • Outshine others competing with you
  • Works a golden shine on your resume
  • Your employers start recognizing you
  • Understanding of fundamentals of Microsoft brand

What Are The Job Roles For Microsoft Technology Associate?

MTA certification can become a significant input in the career for entry-level jobs. Some of the major roles that you can wish to become include:

  • IT security specialist
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Helpdesk technician
  • Network Architect
  • Software Engineer
  • Video game designer
  • Website Developer
  • System Analyst

Salaries of the Microsoft certified professionals:

MTA professionals are one of the most desirable candidates in the IT sector. This certificate can help you to enjoy a great lifestyle with the handsome salaries offered. Here we have mentioned the average salary of the Microsoft Technology Associate.

An average of $55,000 is the annual income of the MTA professionals.

How To Get MTA Certified?

To become an MTA certified professional, the candidates will require passing the required examinations. Some major MTA certifications enable you to set the stage for specialization.

  1. MTA IT Infrastructure Windows Server:
  2. This course prepares you with the fundamental knowledge for the management and installation of Windows Server. With in-depth study material integrated, you can acquire valuable insight into infrastructure, network hardware, services, protocols, along with server installation.

  3. MTA Database SQL Server:
  4. This is a training course that covers some of the most important fundamentals of the way to work with SQL Server. This includes some core concepts like having a complete understanding of databases, creating and altering databases, and knowledge of storage.

  5. MTA Intro To Programming:
  6. If you are more intrigued by software, MTA Intro to Programming will become a great course that will offer an introduction to programming, software development, and creating both desktop and web applications. Candidates can create coding along with getting essential learning for software development.

MTA Certification Path and Exams

MTA certification offers you a range of paths that you can choose as per your interest and direction of your career. However, remember, only when you have passed these exams mentioned below will you get the MTA certification.

If you intend to make a successful career in server infrastructure or desktop or cloud computing:

  • Get Certificate of Windows Operating System Fundamentals by passing the exam 349
  • Get Certificate of Windows Server Administration Fundamentals by passing the exam 365
  • Get Certificate of Networking Fundamentals by passing the exam 366
  • Get Certificate of Security Fundamentals by passing the exam 367

If you intend to choose a career in business intelligence or data platform administration:

  • Get Certificate of Database Fundamentals by passing the exam 364

If you intend to become a software developer:

  • Get Certificate of Software Development Fundamentals by passing the exam 361
  • Get Certificate of Web Development Fundamentals by passing the exam 363
  • Get Certificate of Microsoft .NET Development Fundamentals by passing the exam 372
  • Get Certificate of Gaming Development Fundamentals by passing the exam 374
  • Get Certificate of HTML5 App Development Fundamentals by passing the exam 375
  • Get Certificate of Software Testing Fundamentals by passing the exam 379
  • Get Certificate of Mobility and Device Fundamentals by passing the exam 368
  • Get Certificate of Cloud Fundamentals by passing exam 369


Getting an education and taking the examination can enable obtaining the MTA certification. It can become a rewarding inclusion for candidates in their entry-level and does not hold any specialization.

With the IT sectors continuously evolving, MTA certification can become a valuable inclusion in the resume. Everyone who wants to start their career in the IT sector or is willing to change their career can choose the MTA certification to put an additional shine over others.

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