MCSA vs CCNA - Which is right for you?

If you are a graduate in IT, you must know the need to stay updated with the advancements and developments in technology. This becomes a lot helpful in exploring the range of opportunities that enable you to progress and excel in your career. Adding certification from Microsoft or Cisco adds value to your resume as it works merit.

Being in the dynamic field with technology getting upgraded every passing minute, you need to know the advantages of MCSA and CCNA certification. Depending on the information that you can find here, you can make a valuable decision for your life.

What is MCSA certification? Why go for MCSA certification?

MCSA or the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator is the certification that acts as the gateway of opportunities. It holds the guarantee for an IT professional that they have improved knowledge in data warehousing, data, and other Microsoft systems.

MCSA Certification builds the foundation for expert-level administration, implementation, and configuration of the products of Microsoft.

There are several advantages of holding the MCSA certification. So here, we will take a look at how it is going to become helpful in your career.

The prime advantage of holding an MCSA Certification is that everyone around you has the knowledge of what the certificates mean. Even when you interact with someone who is not an IT person or has the slightest knowledge of IT, they will still comprehend the value that a Microsoft certification holds.

In simple language, it means that the person holding it has a thorough knowledge of the Microsoft programs.

They can work with servers and have knowledge on the way to navigate down the problem in case of other issues.

This can become a lot helpful when you are applying for a position in an IT firm. Having a Microsoft certificate holds merit in the CV. You can immediately stand out in the crowd with it.

Designations or roles in the industry with MCSA

When you have something better and unique, you have the employer's eyes on you. Besides, as 90% of employers look for certification before hiring a candidate, it becomes a way to improve your career opportunities. You tend to open up great career opportunities with the MCSA certification. Let us have a look at them.

  • Network Administrators
  • Cloud Architects
  • Cloud Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Information Technology Manager

MCSA Certification salaries

The salary will depend a lot on the designation that the MCSA professional holds. Besides, with experience, the salary range tends to increase. Here we will provide an average salary of the candidates that have MCSA certification.

Note: All the salaries mentioned below are packages per annum.

Job Title Average Salary Per Annum
Network Administrator $56, 441
Information Technology Manager $76,036
Information Technology Director $92,670
System Administrators $81,187
System Engineer $91,328
System Administrator $63,404
Network Engineer $67,390

You must know that several companies are looking for MCSA certified candidates. These names include:

  • Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • VISA Inc
  • TATA Consultancy Services

Is MCSA certification worth it?

Without any doubt, this certification holds great importance in your career. For an IT person, to move higher in the career requires added skill, and this certificate will definitely add to your skillset.

It lasts for 3 years. Upon its expiry, you have to sit for the exam to get recertified. In this duration, the candidates are provided with training to gain knowledge of the latest Microsoft Technologies.

You must be aware that acquiring a certification from Microsoft isn't like walking an aisle, as it requires concentration and dedication. You can learn techniques and facts to pass and obtain the certificate.

Microsoft Certification is undeniably focused on Microsoft technologies. All the skills you acquire in the process become beneficial to run the products of Microsoft.

Besides, since the materials are so well available, sometimes it becomes a better choice.

What is CCNA certification? Why go for CCNA certification?

CCNA or the Cisco Certified Network Associate is a different and renowned certification offered by Cisco. This is considered one of the most appealing certifications that candidates across the globe choose.

A candidate holding CCNA is considered to have improved knowledge and skills for managing, installing, and troubleshooting network issues.

A candidate holding CCNA certification is specialized in these domains like Cyber Ops, Service Providers, Switching and Routing, Wireless, Industrial, Cloud, and many more.

There are a lot of advantages to holding a CCNA certification. Some of the most renowned ones include having global recognition throughout the world. The Cisco Certification indicates that the person has exclusive knowledge of networking.

The candidates who have the certification clearly mean that the individual has extensive knowledge.

It also means that the person is well-educated about commissioning, installing, and configuring firewalls, servers, and routers.

This comprises LAN and WAN networks. Since networking is a standard part of the IT sector, the CCNA Certificate holding candidates seems to be a valuable asset to the company.

Adding one such certificate to the CV works as merit in your career. You can become noticeable with such a degree included in your resume.

Designations or roles in the industry with CCNA

While CCNA has a range of job roles to choose from, it is entirely up to the candidates to select a designation.

Not only does the networking industry values the CCNA certification, but also there is a range of industries like the Defense, Space, Computer Games, Computer Hardware, and Film industries that require such professionals. Some of the most common designations are:

  • System Engineer
  • Network Support Engineer
  • Network Associate
  • System Administrator
  • Network Technician
  • Network Engineer

CCNA salaries

Note: All the salaries mentioned below are packages per annum.

Job Title Average Salary Per Annum
Network Architect $118,000
Sr. Network Engineer $102,000
Information Technology Director $108,000
Cyber Security Analyst $79,000
Network Engineer $76,000
Information Technology Manager $87,000
Network Administrator $63,000
System Engineer $76,000
System Administrator $66,000

Some of the most reputed companies in the market look for the CCNA certificate while hiring candidates. These big names include:

  • TATA Consultancy Services
  • CISCO System
  • Orange
  • HCL Technologies
  • AT&T Communications

These are only some of the big names in the market that look for candidates who hold the certificate. On average, it has been observed that 70% of the recruiters find CISCO certification as a reliable choice.

Is CCNA certification worth it?

There is no doubt that CCNA Certification is one of the best certificates that one can hold to outshine the competitors. Even candidates with the certification, being a fresher, are chosen first compared to experienced ones.

The knowledge offered to the candidates during the course of Cisco Certification becomes essential when the role is associated with commissioning, installing, and configuring the server, routers, and firewalls. Holding the certification clearly means that the person can maintain, set up, and install any kind of network issues.

You must know that the certificate will expire after three years and hence the candidate requires going to the exam to acquire the certification once again. No doubt that any kind of certification has its own set of importance in the person, but Cisco Certification has more.


MCSA Worldwide Recognition You only get to know about the way to work with Microsoft products
Works a merit point on your CV Unable to work with other platforms
Elaborates the candidates' ability to work on the Microsoft products
Availability of online learning materials
More industries use products of Microsoft which offers increased job
CCNA Worldwide Recognition Study materials are hard to find
Elaborates the way to work with Cisco products or It can be expensive
Candidates can apply their skills with several other brands Not all tech-giants use Cisco products

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