Top 10 Entry Level IT Certifications in 2021

The information technology or IT industry is one of the fastest-growing industry segments. The increasing use of digital technologies has brought IT into the focus.

The IT segment also offers high salaries, opportunities, and high job security than many traditional job roles.

Having said that, the IT positions are not easy to handle and require certain skills and experience.

Nowadays, school and college education paves a foundation for a career in IT, but that is not enough. There is a high demand for certified professionals in different segments in IT domains.

If you are a beginner and still confused about the right IT certification for beginners, then perhaps this post guides you through the top 10 options available to you. These certifications are chosen based on their market popularity and relevance.

Get Introduced to Top 10 IT Certifications for Beginners

The following are the top 10 IT certifications for promising beginners who may be eyeing a career in IT.

  1. CompTIA A+
  2. This is an entry-level certification that focuses on different areas of technology. This certification can be the best choice for someone who is eyeing a career in IT.

    CompTIA A+ certified technicians are hired for maintenance of operating systems (OS), computer systems, laptops, printers, mobile devices, and so on. The CompTIA A+ certified professionals may be hired as:

    • Help desk technician: $40,731
    • Field service technician: $50,356
    • Desktop support technician: $50,893

    Certification Overview: To receive a CompTIA A+ certification you need to clear two tests costing $226 per exam. Of this, one test is multiple-choice based, and the other analyzes your performance.

    This certification exam validates nine major IT skills including operating systems, hardware, software troubleshooting, networking troubleshooting, cloud computing, mobile devices, and security.

  3. CompTIA Network+
  4. This is another popular IT certification for beginners that primarily focuses on networking concepts including tools, operations, troubleshooting, and IT infrastructure management.

    The following are some common job titles and average salaries of professionals who clear CompTIA Network+ certification.

    • IT consultant: $78,686
    • System engineer: $75,060
    • Network analyst: $59.929
    • Computer technician: $41,018
    • Help desk technician: $40,731

    Certification Overview: Any professional with 9-12 months of networking experience can attempt this certification. To earn this certification, you need to clear an exam comprising 90 questions that features both - multiple-choice questions and performance-based questions.

    This certification is not brand specific and it may cost you $329.

  5. CompTIA Security+
  6. IT security has been one of the biggest concerns for IT companies across the world. The digital landscape has evolved over the years, so has the threat landscape.

    There is high demand for certified security professionals across industries. So, if you are eyeing a career as an IT security specialist, perhaps, earning this certification can be helpful.

    The following are a few popular job titles and average salaries of the professionals who earn this certification.

    • Network Administrator: $59,132
    • Network Engineer: $71,033
    • Information Security Analyst: $71, 727
    • Cyber Security Analyst: $75, 875

    Certification Overview: This certification focuses on concepts such as risk detection, risk mitigation, risk management, intrusion detection, and threat management.

    Although beginners can attempt this 90-minute certification exam, still, it is most ideal for people who have at least 2 years of experience in the IT industry with a focus on security.

    The examination cost is $349. Earning this certification will help you show employers that you possess skills and knowledge to keep their IT environment threat-free and in compliance with industry regulations.

  7. CompTIA Cloud+
  8. This certification is ideal for early-career seekers in the IT industry, especially ones with a couple of work years experience to their credit.

    As the name suggests, this certification aims at cloud infrastructure management. The following are a few roles and average salaries earned in those roles:

    • Systems Administrator: $61,935
    • Network Engineer: $71,033
    • Systems Engineer: $75,060
    • Security Engineer: $89,457

    Certification Overview: This certification will never go out of demand because the cloud is in trend and here to stay.

    This certification helps IT professionals, to excel in various cloud-based technologies. The certification cost is $329.

  9. Cisco Certified Entry Level Technician (CCENT)
  10. As the name suggests, this is the entry-level networking program offered by Cisco and is one of the most valuable IT certifications for beginners.

    This certification serves a the stepping stone for people who may be eyeing Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification. This entry-level certification enables candidates to develop the skills needed to perform the responsibilities of network support positions.

    Some potential job roles and average salaries earned by CCENT professionals are as given below:

    • Help Desk Technician: $40,731
    • Support Technician: $44,762
    • IT/Network Support Technician: $46,825

    Certification Overview: This entry-level technician certification helps professionals to improve their capabilities in operating, installing, and maintenance of basic networking systems. This certification costs $165.

  11. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  12. Earning a CCNA certification opens doors of opportunities before you. Earlier, Cisco offered several certifications under the CCNA scheme, however, all these have been consolidated into CCNA today.

    Thus, the new certifications help validate your skills in network access, network fundamentals, IP connectivity, security fundamentals, IP services, and automation and programmability.

    The following are a few popular job roles that await you on clearing this examination. The average salaries are also mentioned against them.

    • Network Administrator: $59,939
    • Systems Administrator: $62,161
    • Systems Engineer: $70,088
    • Network Engineer: $71,033

    Certification Overview: The CCNA examination tests your knowledge through 50 to 60 questions, and it is a 90-minute written exam.

    The examination cost is $325 - $600. Earning this certification shows that you possess all skills and knowledge needed to excel in your job role but can adapt to changes easily.

  13. Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  14. This is one of the most recommended IT certifications for beginners because it covers several fundamental IT topics such as HTML5, JavaScript, mobility, CSS, Windows server administration, databases, security, and development.

    Some potential job roles and salaries earned by them are:

    • Database Administrator: $73,233
    • Network Architect: $120,931
    • Mobile Application Developer: $73,430
    • Website Developer: $59,287
    • Network Administrator: $59,132
    • Help Desk Technician: $40,731

    Certification Overview: The MTA certification costs you only $60 and it is worth the investment. The examination fee may slightly vary across locations. This certification is designed for those who are starting their career in IT or maybe looking for a career change.

  15. Apple Certified Associate (ACA)
  16. Apple is one of the largest computer vendors in the US and across the globe. The ACA facilitates the integration of traditional Windows-based IT environments with Mac.

    This certification focuses on networking tasks and it serves as a gateway for career opportunities in organizations working in the Mac environment. The average salary of an Apple Certified Associate is $63,984.

    Certification Overview: This certification exam is accessible to people who attend their associated class through any Apple Authorized Testing Center (AATC). The examination cost is $45 for one product.

  17. Linux Essential Professional Development Certification (PDC)
  18. This certification is developed to help beginners or students to gain an overview of the functions of the Linux Operating System. It guides them through the use of different Linux tools.

    The following are some job roles and average salaries earned by Linux-certified professionals.

    • Systems Administrator: $63,000
    • Linux Systems Administrator: $78,000
    • Development Operations ( DevOps) Engineer: $100K

    Certification Overview: This certification exam requires beginners to pass one exam. The cost of the examination is $85. There are currently no prerequisites for this examination. The certificate earned is valid for a lifetime.

  19. Certified Informations Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  20. Although a popular IT certification for beginners, this is one of the most expensive certifications, too.

    This certification is ideal for those who may be eyeing a lucrative career in cybersecurity. CISSP certification also enables candidates to sharpen their managerial and technical skills for building diverse information security programs.

    Some potential job titles and their salaries are as given below.

    • Information Security Analyst: $71,727
    • Cyber Security Analyst: $75,875
    • Security Engineer: $89,457
    • Information Security Officer: $92,402
    • Information Security Manager: $113.633

    Certification Overview: The certification exam may cost you $699 and it features 250 questions. The examination duration is one of the longest at 6 hours.

    It can be rightly said that this examination opens the door of opportunities for those who want to jumpstart their career in cybersecurity.


This list of IT certifications is compiled after much consideration. These certifications are proven to help several beginners jump-start their careers in the IT domain of their choice. Like any regular exam, these certification exams also need certain preparation and a disciplined approach.

You can download study guides, white papers, and other valid information on the official websites of the IT vendor organizations like Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, and so on. Although you will get a lot of information through study materials, still, that’s not enough to succeed.

At CertoMeter, we provide tailored courses to individuals who may be eyeing these exams and a career in IT.

Our courses are designed to help individuals clear their exams on the first attempt. The courses are conducted by experts, and individuals can attempt free and paid tests and simulations to get the real feel of the exam.

The test content is regularly refreshed to maintain its relevance. You can get in touch with the team at CertoMeter for any doubt on IT certifications for beginners.

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